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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Artist of the Week: Mad house mauly

Mauly's work brings me back to when I started out in photography, and even now, it's stuff I would be doing. I love abandon, broken, and forgotten things and stuff with a past. Her stuff has emotions and feels within them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

when did you start making your goodies?
i started taking pictures when i was about 9 or 10; my mother and maternal grandfather were both photographers. my mother loved to find old, run down cemeteries to explore. i started really getting into photography about the time i met my 2nd husband. he had a digital camera (i couldn't afford one being a single mother) and i loved that i could get immediate results. i could see right away if i was happy with the image instead of spending a fortune on black and white film to find out that it didn't look the way i felt it should. from there it has just evolved over the years.
being nonmedicated bipolar with OCD i tend to obsess over things/hobbies for months and then move to something else, cycling back a few months later. sometimes i am quilting, or embroidering, or crocheting, or creating graphics, or painting, or writing but i will always have my camera with me, wherever i am.

where can people buy your stuff?
i finally have a devoted website for my location photography
and it is linked to my etsy shoppe

lastly what are your plans for the future?
i have recently gotten more involved in plus sized alt modeling (i am also the photographer, hair stylist, makeup artist and set designer) and hope to create a website for that but i will always always be lurking around the backwoods and crawling through windows of places that i shouldn't be and attempting to document them before they fade into dust.

Any thing you want to add?
100% of proceeds from my etsy shoppe go to fund my charity - - created to help comfort survivors of sexual violence.


  1. :: swoon :: I love photographs of old buildings and cemeteries, so this is just brilliant!

  2. I love her work and am a proud owner of the boxcars in the field. She has a wonderful POV.

  3. Great shots! Love her unique view at things!

  4. Her ability to get the right perspective to set a mood astounds me