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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Artist of the Week: CustomZombie

Looking for Creepy, gothic, Victorian Zombie art. Well her is an awesome start to add to any collection!

Custom Zombie
When did you start making your goodies?
I made my first custom zombie portrait around 18 months ago. I did it for myself and then, about a year later, a friend inquired about hiring me to do one for them. I created my first two digital prints (Cauldron Bubble and Midnight Dreary) as a Halloween gift last year. Once I had opened my Etsy shop I decided that I could design more and sell them! The pendulums didn’t come about until a few months ago when I saw my husband playing around with a washer on a string. He was practicing a mentalism effect and I thought it would be much more convincing with a better looking pendulum!

Where can people buy your stuff?
All of my items are available in my Etsy shop. My custom zombie portraits can also be purchased on my personal site –

Lastly what are your plans for the future?
I hope to one day have a worldwide army of the undead! Seriously though, I want to continue adding new products to my shop and make a nice supplemental income from my art/crafting business. I already own two other businesses (video production and a Mixed Martial Arts gym) and would like this one to be just as big!

Any thing you want to add?
I’m a proud member of Etsy’s Dark Side Street Team. You can check us out at or to find a collection of very talented dark artists! You can see what I’m up to by following me on Twitter ( or becoming a fan of my Facebook page (


  1. Very nice artwork, Congrats on the interview CustomZombie


  2. I love that you're doing these features. Learing more and more about my fellow team members is awesome.