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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Artist of the Week: BellaLili

There is not a single item in this shop that I wouldn't buy! Such beauty, and detail in every piece.


when did you start making your goodies? I have made things all my life, as a 3rd grader, I took apart my family's only working phone for the pretty wire. But whats more amazing is that I put it all back together in working order when I got in deep do-do. ;)

where can people buy your stuff? I sell my stuff on Etsy of course (no log in required), and Upstate New York at Pink Cloud, in Canada at LaBelvie, Clovis California (Heart's Delight, coming soon)

lastly what are your plans for the future? My plans are to capture the attn of the film industry and hopefully have my own studio space and one employee by the end of next year. I hope to have a modest yet stable client base and be household name for those of use who love dark things.

Any thing you want to add? I have so many ideas and so little time that I literally have notebooks of sketches, names and concepts. Did you know that I usually come up with the name of the piece first? Then I hunt for the right pieces until I find them, even waiting up to a year or more before something is "done" to my standards.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Artist of the Week: The Sacred Oak

The Sacred Oak, she makes me want to go to the Ren faire. Items made for the lords, and for the ladys. From the body to the bath.

When did you start making your goodies?
I started about 10 years ago. I was a lonely seamstress apprentice mostly self tough. The other part I learned in Theater in the Costuming Department. I learned all kinds of prop making and set designing. from there I went to books and online references. When I joined Amtgard my skills became a demand but no one wanted to help pay for it. Amptgard is the padded version of SCA with fantasy flair. We no longer play due to our children and how our local chapter is but in the whole Amtgard is okay.

Where can people buy your stuff? Mostly from my main website, I am on Etsy and Artfire as well. Our OOAK (One Of A Kind) items can be found on Etsy or Artfire. Things we make in duplicates and multiple size's or colors can be found on our main website.
Every First Saturday you can Find The Sacred Oak at Freedom Hill Trade Day just outside of Lufkin Texas (East Texas that is lol).

Lastly what are your plans for the future? To Open a in Person shop again, as well as start up A Ren Fair and A Gothic/Steam punk Fair. I think these types are a dying bread and deserve to be in the spot light. We have dying Arts and Sciences due to advancement of modern society. And for the most part are shunned or over looked. The Alternative world is a major part of our culture and yet is still placed in the darkness and made fun of. I believe its not fair to treat such talents on such a manner.

Any thing you want to add?
That anyone can accomplish anything with Work, Patience, and Determination. In the end it is up to you if you are successful.

The Sacred Oak Main Web Site
The Sacred Oak on Etsy
The Sacred Oak on Artfire

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Artist of the Week: Mad house mauly

Mauly's work brings me back to when I started out in photography, and even now, it's stuff I would be doing. I love abandon, broken, and forgotten things and stuff with a past. Her stuff has emotions and feels within them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

when did you start making your goodies?
i started taking pictures when i was about 9 or 10; my mother and maternal grandfather were both photographers. my mother loved to find old, run down cemeteries to explore. i started really getting into photography about the time i met my 2nd husband. he had a digital camera (i couldn't afford one being a single mother) and i loved that i could get immediate results. i could see right away if i was happy with the image instead of spending a fortune on black and white film to find out that it didn't look the way i felt it should. from there it has just evolved over the years.
being nonmedicated bipolar with OCD i tend to obsess over things/hobbies for months and then move to something else, cycling back a few months later. sometimes i am quilting, or embroidering, or crocheting, or creating graphics, or painting, or writing but i will always have my camera with me, wherever i am.

where can people buy your stuff?
i finally have a devoted website for my location photography
and it is linked to my etsy shoppe

lastly what are your plans for the future?
i have recently gotten more involved in plus sized alt modeling (i am also the photographer, hair stylist, makeup artist and set designer) and hope to create a website for that but i will always always be lurking around the backwoods and crawling through windows of places that i shouldn't be and attempting to document them before they fade into dust.

Any thing you want to add?
100% of proceeds from my etsy shoppe go to fund my charity - - created to help comfort survivors of sexual violence.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Artist of the Week: CustomZombie

Looking for Creepy, gothic, Victorian Zombie art. Well her is an awesome start to add to any collection!

Custom Zombie
When did you start making your goodies?
I made my first custom zombie portrait around 18 months ago. I did it for myself and then, about a year later, a friend inquired about hiring me to do one for them. I created my first two digital prints (Cauldron Bubble and Midnight Dreary) as a Halloween gift last year. Once I had opened my Etsy shop I decided that I could design more and sell them! The pendulums didn’t come about until a few months ago when I saw my husband playing around with a washer on a string. He was practicing a mentalism effect and I thought it would be much more convincing with a better looking pendulum!

Where can people buy your stuff?
All of my items are available in my Etsy shop. My custom zombie portraits can also be purchased on my personal site –

Lastly what are your plans for the future?
I hope to one day have a worldwide army of the undead! Seriously though, I want to continue adding new products to my shop and make a nice supplemental income from my art/crafting business. I already own two other businesses (video production and a Mixed Martial Arts gym) and would like this one to be just as big!

Any thing you want to add?
I’m a proud member of Etsy’s Dark Side Street Team. You can check us out at or to find a collection of very talented dark artists! You can see what I’m up to by following me on Twitter ( or becoming a fan of my Facebook page (