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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Artist of the Week: BellaLili

There is not a single item in this shop that I wouldn't buy! Such beauty, and detail in every piece.


when did you start making your goodies? I have made things all my life, as a 3rd grader, I took apart my family's only working phone for the pretty wire. But whats more amazing is that I put it all back together in working order when I got in deep do-do. ;)

where can people buy your stuff? I sell my stuff on Etsy of course (no log in required), and Upstate New York at Pink Cloud, in Canada at LaBelvie, Clovis California (Heart's Delight, coming soon)

lastly what are your plans for the future? My plans are to capture the attn of the film industry and hopefully have my own studio space and one employee by the end of next year. I hope to have a modest yet stable client base and be household name for those of use who love dark things.

Any thing you want to add? I have so many ideas and so little time that I literally have notebooks of sketches, names and concepts. Did you know that I usually come up with the name of the piece first? Then I hunt for the right pieces until I find them, even waiting up to a year or more before something is "done" to my standards.