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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mayhem Fest 2009

I went with the boy to Mayhem last Tuesday. I wanted to go only to see Marilyn Manson, I have been a fan since 7th grade (and I'm on my 10 year reunion!) so I thought it was about time I saw him!

The day was filled with tons of metal bands...some were ok, others were not. It was nice to see trivium, cannibal corpse, and kill switch engage. But Manson to me was the best, even though soooo many people left right after slayer, heh.

I was front row right after the pit...good I hate being distracted with jerks that like to punch you out of the way, so i was fine with not being in the pit. I wanted to enjoy this show!

I was very excited that he playied all his old stuff, I had stopped buying albums after hollywood so it was god to know everything he played.

I took my moms crap camera, but still got some ok shots. I'm happy


  1. i went to see manson in concert for the "guns god and government" tour and that was the best show i have ever been to - he really knows how to put on a show!