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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Artist Of the Week Jammerdesignz

For the Love of the dead, Her products fit perfectly. She is also a member of the Etsydarkteam
A quick interview From Jammerdesignz

when did you start making your goodies?
I have been making things as long as I can remember...I used to make found object sculptures... doll clothes, my own clothes... then once I started getting alot of tattoos I made purses so I wouldn't clash with my outfit! Then it branched into Hair accessories which have been doing for just over a year.

where can people buy your stuff?
Through my Etsy Shop for now, I am working on a cart for my personal tattoo website so everything can be located in 1 place... I will still keep some items in my etsy shop but the bulk will be through

lastly what are your plans for the future?
My future plans are to enjoy life as I do now;) I will always be creating, it's what I do... however what items evolve out of my head... well that's anyone's guess, I am actually pretty excited to see what comes next myself! Hahah I think my subconscious keeps things from me until I am ready to handle em;)

Any thing you want to add?
Did I mention I was short? I always tend to throw that into a little sumthin about myself :P


  1. Jammerz eats away at you soul with butter & syrup! ♥

  2. Hi :)
    I love the art in those pieces.
    What great work.
    Love RKCharron