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Monday, June 8, 2009

PA Trip

So last weekend I took a trip with my friend Jayne Riot to vist a good friend in PA. I also booked a photo shoot with Brian Burk Photography Model Kerri Talyor Designer Karen Von Oppen and Make-up artist Designs by LJ . We decided to all meet up at my friends house because she lived in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of old barns, and some creepy abandon places near by. The Settings were amazing. I wish we had more time to shoot. The day flew by. Two Models, two designers, two make-up artist...needless to say it was insanity, but awesome. Me and Karen's designs matched perfectly! The make-up was great, and the shots brian was taking are going to look amazing! I am so happy I got to do this trip and meet some wonderful talented people.
After The barns, we took a trip to Fricks lock, an old abandon town in PA. We were able to shoot 2 outfits before getting kicked out. I wish we had more time there, I had so many ideas and places I wanted to shoot.
So enough talk, here are just a few shots of what the places looked like, and a teaser till I get photos back from brian!

Shayl Photography, Kerri Taylor, Sisters of the Moon Designs clothing and Veil


  1. love that dress! i had a vintage barbie when i was a kid, one of her dresses looked like that but all black, and maybe a little bit longer. the stripes are rad.

  2. I Think I know what dress your talking about! I think it was on a doll called "solo in the spotlight" She was dressed in all black and it did go down to her feet!